I’m a wife, mother, student, and working professional. I love my kids, and I love my work. I am currently working as a manager for a homeschool testing company. I love my job, and recently started traveling a few times a year as part of my job. I am pursuing a BS in Communications and hope to get my MBA in the next 5 years.

I believe we make choices, and when you choose one thing, you have to give up other things sometimes. I don’t believe that choosing to be a working mom means you have to give up being a good mom. I just don’t make home cooked meals from scratch, bake, and keep as clean a house as some of my stay at home mom friends. For my sanity, happiness, and healthiness, as well as for my kids, I’ve chosen to work. Is it crazy sometimes? Yes. Do they have a different experience of their Mom than some of their friends? Yes. Do I regret it? No.

Someone recently told me that a big part of a child’s ability to thrive is their parents ability to thrive. If Momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy. I have a very supportive husband, who has been my rock through all of the decision making process, the opposition, and the inner conflict. I could not do this without him. He is the anchor in my world -juggling so many things, wanting to succeed at everything, and struggling with the idea that perfection is unattainable- that keeps me from floating away into crazyland. I hope this will be a source of support, and at the very least, entertainment to other moms

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