Well, I have two more days left of work before the big Christmas break. I have been looking forward to this break for the entire month of December, and yet, as it approaches,  I have this sinking feeling that the anticipatory relief I feel right now, will be gone by Tuesday. You see, my big Christmas break coincides with the kids break from school. Today, I found myself packing work into my brief case,  just in case… Don’t get me wrong, I love my children.  They love me. Yet the three of us in the house together for two whole weeks, with no work or school or Dad to break up the day and bring some balance? Well, let’s just say, the anticipatory relief may be gone before Tuesday.

I am going to Costco tomorrow, and am hoping to find some ideas and activities for the break. I keep thinking about this little Glitter activity book I saw there. Vivian would LOVE that! I think she and I could pass a good hour or two working on that activity book. Then I visualize this scene: Vivian and I are calmly working on some masterpiece, and Schmitty comes in wanting to be a part of it. I optimistically let him, telling Vivian, “don’t worry, he’ll be careful, he won’t touch your work.” She skeptically agrees, and Schmitty lasts all of five seconds before grabbing at Vivian’s work, peeling off some of the diamond stickers, and ruining her masterpiece. “Schmitty!” She screams (as she grips his arm tightly, making him screech out indignantly). “Mom, he’s getting at my work, he wrecked it!” Ok, maybe the Glitter book isn’t such a good idea.

TV worked for Vivian as a thirty minute break here and there for Mom. Often, she didn’t even want me in the room with her, she wanted “some Vivian time.” Schmitty on the other hand, really doesn’t like TV (which I am grateful for ninety percent of the time), and on the rare occasions when he does watch TV, he wants me snuggled up with him, watching. Oh and did I mention that this nineteen-month old does not nap?

My husband is the voice of reason in the crazy we are used to. When he’s there, I don’t feel like I’m trapped with two little people who seem to want to make as much mess and noise as possible, and are only interested in irritating each other! Miraculously, they transform into fairly well-behaved children who are self sufficient, willing to play on their own, with their own toys, and not suddenly expressing interest in the doll that until a minute ago, had been lying on the floor, naked and carelessly disregarded for over a week, but was just picked up by baby brother, so is now the most special, cared for baby, and if I don’t allow her to play with her special toy, then “you are NOT my friend anymore!” Maybe they behave the same way, but watching him deal with it, makes me more mellow, and relaxed about it, which makes them more mellow and relaxed about it. Or maybe, they just sense that they can push Mom’s buttons far more easily than Dad’s. But, I’m the one with the two weeks vacation that I’ll lose if I don’t take. I have a feeling Dad would be much more serene at the end of this break, if the roles were reversed.

Any ideas for fun activities for our wonderful holiday break?

Stay tuned for details of our crazy adventures, and how long it takes for Mom and kids to be begging for school and work. 🙂 Happy Holidays!