Introduction Assignment

For this one we’re supposed to introduce ourselves, provide some personal background info, and provide our favorite links.

Hi this is Clare Schmitt. I have worked for a company for the past 8 years as director of one division, but I am currently auditioning for the Assistant Director of Marketing position with the same company, and I will find out in December whether I have the job. I’m back in school studying Professional Communication. I’m raising my 17 year old brother and our two kids, Vivian and Schmitty, with my wonderful soul-mate Carl, in Virginia. My philosophy of life is that it is a roller coaster, and together we will enjoy the ride! Also my main mottoes are “Attitude is Everything!” and “Let go, and Let God.” Oh and I guess I should mention that my husband is former military, hence the CONUS reference below. Marine Corps. Semper Fi!
Personal Information
I love to read especially current, relevant to my life and profession, books, the classics, the bible, and any crime/legal thriller or drama fiction/non-fiction. Television, red wine, coffee, and an occasional cigarette are my guilty pleasures. I am a sucker for any cop/law show, and occasionally a completely mindless soap opera like show, such as DH or Grey’s. Now that I’m in school again, I have much less time for TV though. I love the job that I am doing right now in marketing. I am making it up as I go a long because the department consists of one person and the administration does not see the benefit of or need for marketing. I love challenges and problem solving, and I’m fairly good at it, if I do say so myself. I would rather solve problems at work than problems between my 3 and 5 year old though. I am not too proud to admit that my husband is much better at that. 🙂 And that is pretty much the abridged version of what I share with the stranger sitting next to me on a plane during my work travels, and they say “tell me about yourself.”
Favorite Links
My source for news, mail, movies, etc. My go to search engine, although it’s starting to shift to Google.
My second go-to search engine. I also use it for mail, online documents (which I love), Google calendar (which keeps me sane and organized), and pretty much anything else I need I go to Google first.
As a busy mom, with family spread across the US, I shop Amazon for anything I possibly can. I will even pay a few extra bucks for the convenience/ reliability that Amazon affords. I use Amazon Prime, which is free 2 day shipping to anywhere in CONUS.